Spinal Injections

Treat Acute Pain at the Source

Spinal injections are a common option for patients with various forms of leg and low back pain.  The goal of the injection is to help minimize pain and to supplement a rehabilitation program for optimized benefits.

The effects of spinal injection tend to be temporary, but can be beneficial for patients experiencing acute episodes of back or leg pain.  It allows patients to continue the rehabilitation program with stretching and exercise.  If the initial injection is effective, multiple injections can be scheduled within a year.

Epidural injections treat pain that starts at the spine.  They can performed on an isolated nerve to determine the exact source of pain. Facet joint injections can be performed for diagnostic purposes and therapeutic benefits. They are used for pain caused by degenerative conditions or injury.  They treat pain in the neck, middle back, or low back. Sacroiliac Joint Injections are similar to facet joint injections in various ways.  They are located between the sacrum and ilium (pelvic) bones. They treat pain the low back, buttock, and legs.

Spinal injections can also be provided to treat pain in the neck or mid spine region. They deliver medication directly to the source of the pain.  Other treatments such as oral steroids or painkillers have a less-direct or concentrated impact while also having undesired side effects. While the injections are generally safe, complications remain a possibility.  This can include spinal headaches, bleeding, infection, pain, muscle weakness, and more. These complications are mild and will not compromise the results of the injection.

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