PRP for Neck Pain Los Angeles

PRP for Neck Pain
Neck Pain Management

Neck pain is prevalent in our society due to the daily activities in which we engage, activities nearly all of us have to engage in, like driving, staring at a computer screen, even sitting at a desk for long periods of time.

Get Rid of Neck Pain without Surgery

Instead of living with the pain and finding home remedies for your pain management, it’s time to consider cutting-edge PRP treatments for neck pain. PRP is used both for top-notch athletes and everyday people alike to treat and avoid injury.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (otherwise known as PRP) and pain management are two things that go hand in hand. In this day and age PRP pain management can be integrated into just about anyone’s recovery or wellness routine in a practical, easy, and affordable way.

PRP for Neck Pain

PRP is perfect for neck pain management, because the extant platelets initiate tissue repair through growth factor release. Growth factors have the power to start your body’s healing processes through cell attraction, including crucial stem cells that help repair our bodies.

PRP for neck pain intensifies the healing process through highly concentrated platelet delivery. We’ll take a small sample of the patient’s blood and place it in a centrifuge, which separates platelets from other components of the blood.

We’ll inject PRP directly into and around your point of injury to boost your body’s natural healing abilities. We hand process our PRP samples, which remain free of contaminating red and white cells — both of which have been shown and known to inhibit repair. We’re also able to customize concentration and volume to suit each patient’s particular injury, which helps us greatly improve our results.

PRP Neck Pain Management Specialists

California Pain Medicine Center and Dr. Rudd-Barnard are proud to add our new PRP protocol to our practice, where we provide comprehensive pain care and pain management services that incorporate tomorrow’s technology today.

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