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PRP Hip Pain
Hip Pain Management

It’s an unfortunate inevitability in life that our bodies experience wear and tear as we advance in age. Things we used to do with ease now are a little more difficult to achieve, with a little more pain along the way.

This goes especially true for our joints — the hip in particular. Hip pain is common among patients more advanced in age, but it’s also common in those who have demanded much from their body — in cases of active lifestyles in that of athletes and certain vocations.

PRP Treatment for Hip Pain

For patients looking for non-surgical solutions for hip pain, California Pain Medicine Center offers PRP pain management as an in-office injection procedure. Dr. Rudd-Barnard is our experienced specialist in PRP therapy and pain management.

Consider PRP pain management treatment for osteoarthritis (both in the hip and the knee), as well as hip and knee cartilage damage (or chondromalacia), meniscal tears, and more.

PRP Benefits

PRP for hip pain benefits include boosted healing and recovery time, as well as little to no downtime after the procedure. No surgery, no scars, just results. PRP treatments not only help with pain management and recovery, but the treatment also helps patients avoid future injuries.

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The time to start taking care of your body is now. If not now, when? Contact California Pain Medicine Center today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Rudd-Barnard. We’ll get you back to active and enjoying a higher quality of life in no time.

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