Peripheral Nerve Stimulators

A Safe and Efficient System of Managing Pain

Physicians employ a technique known as peripheral nerve stimulation to control and manage pain.  Devices such as electrodes are placed along the peripheral nerves.  They are safe and efficient in mitigating various neuropathic pain conditions.

Upon the placement of the electrodes, they are turned on to send a weak electrical current to the nerve.  This creates a pleasant sensation, stimulating a nonpainful sensory pathway to enable the brain to close pain-associated signals.  Peripheral nerve stimulate can help patients reduce or discontinue regular pain medications.

Nerve stimulation is a dual step procedure. A temporary trial electrode is left in place for a weak to determine if the procedure is helpful. The electrode is powered through an external power supply that is managed by the patient.  If the stimulator does not provide the intended benefits, it will be disconnected.  If the trial is successful, a permanent electrode will be used and powered through an internal battery back.

With the electrodes in place, the patient is free to continue normal activities, including exercise, household duties, and regular work.  Peripheral nerve stimulation treats the following conditions: low back pain, occipital neuralgia, llioinguinal neuralgia, complex regional pain syndrome, trigeminal post-amputation pain, nerve injuries, lateral femoral cutaneous neuropathy, intercostal neuralgia, and more.

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