Ketamine and Functional Program

Treat CRPS and Develop Pain Management Strategies

Ketamine infusion therapy helps patients manage pain and symptoms from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and chronic migraine.  California Pain Medicine Center provides a low-dose Ketamine infusion program that can help assist in managing the symptoms of CRPS and improve functional abilities.

At California Pain Medicine Center, our unique treatment program involves closely coordinated work between our doctor, physicians, and patients. The right candidate for ketamine infusion therapy includes patients who meet certain criteria relative to their condition.  Patients must have sought minimally invasive treatment options before opting for Ketamine infusion therapy.

The following step will include an evaluation by an experienced physician and psychologist. The initial infusion schedule includes multiple infusions each day for a set period of weeks.  If the initial infusion is successful, booster infusions will be scheduled.  Treatment length can vary depending on the patient’s initial response to the first ketamine infusion.

The ultimate goal of ketamine and functional pain management is to treat acute, sub-acute, and chronic pain.  We emphasize a self-improvement system that allows you to recognize and learn strategies to manage pain.  You will be provided with the tools to improve function in every part of your daily life, whether it is returning to work or being able to enjoy moving comfortably again.

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