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Everyday Tips to Avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Everyday Tips to Avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

There’s little like the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome. If you’re experiencing it, you’re far from alone. Some 3%-6% of adults face its symptoms, which can interfere with everything from daily tasks to your work abilities, sleep, and moods. Thankfully, there’s a lot you can do to prevent flare ups, or to stop one before it worsens.

At California Pain Medicine Center in Santa Monica, California, our expert pain management specialists understand the frustrating symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and provide care to bring you relief. Here, we explore practical ways to avoid them:

Why carpal tunnel syndrome happens

Your carpal tunnel is a passageway in your wrist that holds the tissue surrounding your tendons and the nerve that controls your finger movements. Carpal tunnel syndrome happens when the tissue becomes swollen and presses on that nerve. 

A range of factors can contribute, including:

When symptoms set in, they typically include pain, burning, tingling, and weakness in your hands and wrists. You may also find that you’re clumsier than usual as you struggle to grip objects. 

How to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome

There’s no sure way to do away with carpal tunnel syndrome completely, but you can take steps to make its symptoms less likely or severe, such as:

Loosening your grip

If you tend to use your hands to write or grip objects frequently, work on loosening your grip and taking short, frequent breaks. This is especially helpful if you use vibrating equipment that requires significant force. 

Improving your positions

Improving your posture and positioning while you’re working at a computer can help by redugins strain, too. Rather than bending your wrists at an intense angle, keep them relaxed at a middle position. Meanwhile, keep your keyboard even with or just below your elbows.

Using ergonomic equipment

Switching to equipment designed to keep your wrists and hands in healthy positions can guard against flare ups without you having to think much about it. Use a computer mouse or keyboard that keeps your wrist comfortable.

Warming your hands and wrists

Cold temperatures can cause your muscles to tense up, making carpal tunnel problems more likely. If you’re working in a chilly environment and can’t warm it up, wear fingerless gloves. Short bouts of exercise and sipping warm beverages may also help.

Following your recommended care plan

Working with your provider at California Pain Medicine Center can help ensure that you keep your wrists and hands as comfortable as possible. Our experts usually recommend conservative treatment initially, which may include rest, a brace or splint, and anti-inflammatory medication. 

Seeking care sooner than later is important for preventing complications, such as nerve damage that may require surgery. To get started or learn more about carpal tunnel syndrome, call our office or request an appointment through our website.  

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