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Pain Management and Ketamine Santa Monica

Our care providers and staff are pleased to welcome you to California Pain Medicine Centers. We begin each experience with our patients by providing a precise evaluation of their condition. The treatment plan we formulate is based on the results of the initial exam.

We encourage active involvement in patient care and carry specialties in physical medicine, clinical psychology, physical therapy, neurobiofeedback therapy, and rehabilitation. We build upon the latest advancements to treat pain and spinal cord conditions. Our office is equipped with high-level devices such as spinal cord stimulators and neuroaxial drug delivery systems.

For pain that are less responsive to traditional approaches, we provide injections and pharmacological treatments. Our 30-day residential pain management rehabilitation program is also available for patients looking for a complete and inclusive route to recovery. Our facility is located in Santa Monica just minutes away from the UCLA Medical Center, where we refer patients for more specialized care.

Dr. Prager on CBS News

Dr. Joshua Prager

Immediate Past Chair of the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Group of the International Association for Study of Pain

Comprehensive Pain Management

Functional Rehabilitation
Functional Rehabilitation

Mobility, strengthening, and functional exercises help re-establish strong muscles for pain-free lateral movement and regular physical activities. Learn More

Neurobiofeedback Therapy
Neurobiofeedback Therapy

Neurobiofeedback provides permanent healing for the brain and improves psychological functions so you can make healthier decisions. Learn More

Ketamine Pain Management
Ketamine Pain Management

Ketamine treats pain resulting from nerve conditions and prevents damage to nerve fibers or tissues. Treatment should be supervised. Learn More

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy

Treat back pains, headaches, and spinal conditions so that you can achieve a much healthier quality of life. We have a professional team… Learn More

Providing Functional Restoration

At the California Pain Medicine Center, we conduct intensive pain rehabilitation that is personalized to the needs of patients. Our four-week long program involves regular therapies of all types. We approach pain management through individual psychotherapy, physical therapy, and neurobiofeedback therapy. We provide other methods of care when required and recommended. These include chiropractic treatment and subspecialty consultations.

We offer a 20-day rehabilitation program, with a goal to help patients develop independence in treating pain. Through a successful program, patients can experience reduced pain, improved coping strategies, positive stress management, and increased endurance and stamina.

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We are committed to the functional rehabilitation and physical restoration of patients with persistent pain

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